A trip to zaza’s pizzeria napoletana.

My husband and I took the Honda Element in for a oil change and belt check this morning. To kill time we decided to check out ZaZa’s in Sugarloaf Key. It’s a pizzeria. We have had dinner there once. It was super good, but also really expensive. Wanted to see what their breakfast menu was all about.

20121212-101529.jpgThe bar is beautiful.

20121212-101515.jpgThe view. Tiki bar on the left.

20121212-102205.jpgVariety plate. English muffin. Applewood smoked bacon, 2 over easy eggs, and homestyle potatoes. The english muffin was devine. Eggs were great. The bacon was crisp. Potatoes were good. They added onion, lots of seasonings, and roasted red peppers. I shared! It cost 7 dollars and 2 extra dollars for 2 slices of bacon. 1 dollar a piece of bacon? Well played zaza’s. Well played.

20121212-110708.jpgFinished the morning out with this baby cappy. I gave my husband the biscoff like the good wife that I am.

Husband had a bacon, egg, and cheese on ciabatta bread. He liked it. I believe it cost 7.50.

They do offer a locals discount. Florida Keys friends don’t be afraid to ask for that discount! We ended up with a bill of 24.70. Not horrible.

Turns out we have a cracked serpentine belt in the car. Now we are presently sitting at the tiki bar with our macbook’s out. There is a nice wind going. Little bit cloudy, but still enjoyable.

Hope everyone has had a great morning.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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