Detox day 3.

This morning started off interesting. My husband ended up on No Name Key with a flat tire on his bike. I loaded up Kingsley and went out looking for him. Rescue mission was a success. Nail to the rear tire. RIP rear tire. No Name Key is pretty cool. I will do a post on it sometime!


Started off this morning with-305452_308312389269962_1415672928_nYup. You guessed it. Hot green lemon tea, warm lemon water, and 34 oz of ice cold filtered water. 🙂

The eats– 

Breakfast-  1/2 cup dried rolled oats. Cooked in almond coconut milk (unsweetened and soy free). Topped with fresh strawberries and 1/2 of a banana. Cinnamon and drizzled honey on top.548771_308317725936095_1626712055_n

Lunch- 4 oz of organic chicken dressed with cumin, oregano, chili powder, paprika, sea salt, pepper, and minced onion. Side of organic Florida broccoli on the side.262663_308381399263061_2115222438_n

Snack- Lemon, Basil, Cucumber, Apple Juice. So good.262715_308402805927587_583061845_n533520_308402715927596_1970695001_n537635_308402602594274_1779542974_n

Dinner- Miso soup with spinach + fresh blue crab. Side of tomato, onion, avocado salad. Supergreens juice made with spinach, kale,ginger, kiwi, carrot, and lemon.533543_308445692589965_1154675401_n 532455_308445929256608_1480920461_n 9646_308450109256190_607080687_n

Fitness- 31 minutes of treadmill. + Stretching.

Water- over 115 oz.

I leave you with this beautiful sunset- Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!8863_308434745924393_879285138_n 12623_308434589257742_1805427201_n

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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