Detox day 6.

312641_309292805838587_721203890_nHot green tea with lemon and ginger, room temp water with lemon, and 34 oz of filtered water.

154759_309312449169956_650274685_n  Veggie juice with spinach, carrots, beets, celery, ginger, parsley, peppers.

393147_309314005836467_1435233224_n Braggs Apple Cinnamon drink.

75565_309319059169295_1523543215_n Picked up nutritional yeast, artichoke hearts, chia seeds, whole flax seed, sunflower sprouts, tofutti sour cream (dairy free), and organic peanut butter.

63786_309379002496634_232520476_n 425618_309384995829368_1663825474_n 262632_309385155829352_1291766838_n 540274_309384819162719_2114632269_nLunch was a super salad. Sunflower sprouts, field greens, natural turkey, tomato, onion, and hummus. I made a few croutons from the joseph’s pita loaves.

Snack was more juice. This time carrot, apple, pear, cucumber, lime and ginger.560685_309411789160022_1872132427_n 537614_309411655826702_251474905_n

Dinner was spaghetti squash topped with organic sauce. I added some ground organic turkey into the sauce. Green beans on the side with nutritional yeast.383750_309430715824796_1687284841_n

Fitness- 20 minutes arm work + 30 minutes walking.

Water- Over 115 oz.

Tomorrow is the last day. Can’t believe it!

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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