Bells will be ringing.

20121227-102604.jpgView from the seven mile bridge in Marathon. Takes my breath away.

20121227-102618.jpgWe enjoyed a few bottles of this pearly sake over the Christmas break. Oops 🙂

20121227-102656.jpgView from my favorite restaurant Burdines. Note- I had a grilled shrimp quesadilla!

20121227-102713.jpgBeautiful Ketch.

20121227-102727.jpgLook at all the fun stuff I got for my husbands stocking!!

20121227-102745.jpgOur washer broke this weekend. We ended up getting this LG Steamer washer/dryer. It is the best appliance I have ever had!

20121227-102800.jpgStarted off Christmas morning with a frozen mocha. Note- I drank two sips and poured it down the drain. I was just not into it!

20121227-102836.jpgGot this in my stocking. Decided to paint it while my roast was cooking.


20121227-102921.jpgChristmas salad. Spring greens, sunflower sprouts, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and artichokes.

20121227-102941.jpgSweet potato mashed potatoes, riced cauliflower.

20121227-103016.jpgThe spread. Prime rib roast with horseradish, mash, salad, crab balls, and cauliflower.

20121227-103036.jpgFresh blue crab crab balls.

20121227-103106.jpgI am out. DONE!

20121227-103147.jpgDecided to go on a Christmas boat ride.

20121227-103158.jpgKingsley’s first powerboat ride.

20121227-103213.jpgMostly calm.

20121227-103251.jpgHey mom.

20121227-103337.jpgI will never get sick of the ocean.

20121227-103546.jpgPippilotta flying in the wind.

20121227-103558.jpgThis is fun.

20121227-103609.jpgHeaded home.

20121227-103620.jpgI see land!

20121227-103628.jpgMy muttley crew.


20121227-103802.jpgWe decided to switch into puzzle mode Christmas night.

20121227-103811.jpgBlack Lab!

20121227-103821.jpgBirdie puzzle.

20121227-103841.jpgWe relaxed.

20121227-103851.jpgI got so many great wonderful presents. These came in my stocking tho. What a husband. Got two of my favorite scents 😉

20121227-103903.jpgCaught this baby spiny lobster. No worries he got released!

20121227-103911.jpgWe all had a wonderful Christmas Break. Especially Kingsley. It was his first!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Tell me about it!

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