More deets of the eats.

423238_313137815454086_252595509_n Juice! Vitamix. Don’t stop til you get enough!

154463_313138545454013_1425588327_n Glorious green juice. Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Bell peppers, Apple, Lemon.

421167_313140102120524_1442108647_n Drank this on the mighty sea.

483176_313174242117110_840744120_n Carrot Coconut Colada! More juice!

184567_313200185447849_773484602_n Took the pups outside for their sunset walk. 45 minutes.

16584_313232475444620_193722008_nFinished up dinner with some vegetable lentil soup, daiya non dairy shreds, and riced cauliflower.

Drank over a gallon of water, got a great workout in, and wonderful eats. Happy Wednesday!


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