January Goals.

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I stayed for the most part on track. Here is to a brand new week!

Here are my goals for January.


I have decided to put my scale away for a little bit. The scale is a tool. This tool can be harmful if used too much. I will probably try to wait until Feb 1 to weigh myself.430924_314799968621204_630108243_n

I will be drinking tons of fresh veggie/fruit juice. I ended up getting a “Juicers” box from our local organic co-op. It costs 25 dollars and I will be receiving one every week. More on that later. I am super excited to see what I get each week though!537349_313391555428712_286141592_n (1)

As far as getting in 100 miles, it’s the perfect weather right now in the Keys. I will be doing a TON of biking! I want to build myself back up into the 20-30 mile range. I am keeping track of all the miles I am logging for January. If anyone else wants to join the 100 mile challenge, just comment here. All you have to do is keep track of how many miles you do each day whether it’s from walking, biking, swimming, running, basically any kind of mile you could possibly do.401416_178210362280166_810825243_n

I am excited to keep on this healthy path, and I hope all of you have a plan to succeed as well.

3 thoughts on “January Goals.

  1. Thank you for reminding me about goals. They’re there in the back of my mind but need to be stated somewhere at some point. Good luck to you with yours. 🙂

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