Catching up with Too Fat for Fifteen’s Tanisha Mitchell!

I know everyone has been curious as to what Ms. Tanisha has been up to since she  went away to college. Here is a quick update from her and what is going on! tanisha_before_after

1. Congrats on your first semester at college! Are you living at home or in the dorms this semester?

I live in the dorm; my school is about 3 hours away from home.

2. How is your school for fitness activities? Do you use their gym? Have you gotten in a new routine?

It is amazing! The gym is the awesome and the hours are really flexible.

3. What is it like trying to eat at the cafeteria? Can you tell us what kind of temptations you face at the food court?

It is not easy to eat in the cafeteria at my school, but it is easier than it would be at another school. All of the nutrition information is posted in the café and the menu for the week is also available online, nutrition facts included.

4. Favorite fast meal from the food court?

My go to meal is definitely from the sub shop on campus; 6inch grilled chicken sandwich with spinach, olives, and honey mustard. It’s the best!

5. How are you balancing nutrition, exercise, and school?

It’s a delicate balance and it took me a little while to get it down but I think I have gotten it. I have scheduled gym time into my weekday at least 3 times, usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have most of my classes (four) on Tuesday, Thursday, so it’s definitely easier for me to find study and exercise time on my down days where I only have two classes.

6. Are you stressed out? What exercise helps you get rid of some of that stress?

Stress? Yes! I have found that taking a walk/run around campus, while listening to my music, is my best stress reliever. By doing this I am getting away from it all and taking a moment to come back into myself.

7. Have you been maintaining your weight loss?

My weight has been up and down. It’s a struggle, but I have come to the conclusion that my weight will probably always be a struggle. For the most part though I have been winning!Tanisha-Mitchell-ora

8. What is your major? Do you have a favorite class right now?

My major is still undecided, but Political Science had most definitely been my favorite class!

9. I know you are doing a spring semester. What are your plans for this summer when school gets out?

I plan to visit friends and work this summer. I am also looking into doing a study abroad program for the summer.

10. Give us one tip you have taught yourself on how to live healthy in college.

I think the best tip that I can give is just to remember that you are not alone. There is actually a large chunk of the college population that also want to live a healthy live style and make good life decisions. All you have to do is tap into that circle of people and surround yourself with them. I know that my friends have made eating healthy and working out a lot easier because they have been right there with me the whole time!



Thank you Tanisha! We are all so proud of you!

20 thoughts on “Catching up with Too Fat for Fifteen’s Tanisha Mitchell!

  1. Really inspiring… she Looks amazing!!!! ❤ Just started watching the show this morning. Proud and Happy that she is in college and following her dreams. You Go Girl! I lost [5lbs in 10 days] but that is nowhere as amazing as you!

  2. you are amazing… You had little encouragement outside of Wellspring but your own determination to succeed was incredible. There was also a very smart young woman who was unleashed as you worked toward your weight loss goal. You will be known some day for your career success, not just your size reduction. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

  3. What an inspiration you are. You are a really determined young lady who is kind and amazing too. From Cape Town SA

  4. I’m so proud of Tanisha! I just watched the last episode of Too Fat for 14 and was just amazed at the will power that she had with her family’s choices of food. Congratulations to you Tanisha. You look FABU LADY! 🙂

  5. Amazing! Love this girl, a true inspiration. I made sure to tune in every week when the show was on the air, just so I could see her progress. She was always up beat and I knew she would be successful in what ever she decided to do.

  6. You are such a special girl/woman, Tanisha. I was so impressed by your dedication. You’re spunky, humorous ánd buddha-natured and your smile…. Wish you a very happy life.

  7. She is amazing! I typically do not like reality tv, but was really drawn to her. She has such an honest spirit. I’m so happy to see her succeed. She is a beautiful young woman and I wish her the very best that life has to offer!

  8. I agree with “Mom of 2”.
    When you were on the show, I watched every week to see your transformation and was rooting for you each and every time you had your weigh-in and cried when I felt you were sad. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride for me and I am so happy to see how far you have come and how much you have overcome!!!
    Please don’t let anyone or anyone’s negativity take away your happiness in what you have accomplished and continue on your path to total success!!

  9. I’m a mom of teens living in Japan. I had never seen your shows before, but after learning about your journey, wanted to say what an inspiring person you are, Tanisha. Wishing you luck with your studies, career and following your dreams.

  10. Tanisha je ziet er geweldig uit.Heb respect voor je hoe je alle verleidingen hebt weerstaan in Wellspring en thuis.Veel succes met alles wat je doet.Hartelijke groeten van Hetty uit Geleen.

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