New recipes from around the web-


Lightened up lasagna soup from the Deen bros. Looks like a great dish for a cold night. Source and Recipe here-


Bikini Rolls look super elegant and tasty. You could use whatever veggies and sauce you like. Instead of egg roll wrappers, try summer roll wrappers instead!

Source and recipe here


Refried Bean Poblano Peppers simple and healthy Mexican food. Instead of buying refried beans, pick whatever kind of beans you like and mash them yourself!

Source and Recipe here


Grilled teriyaki shrimp kebobs. Pretend like it’s summer! Yum!

Source and Recipe here


Coconut Lime Chicken so islandy good!

Source and Recipe here

3 thoughts on “New recipes from around the web-

  1. Ooooohh I think I will try the coconut lime chicken! Normally I do a cilantro honey lime chicken so this might be a yummy variation.

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