Organic Juicer’s share #4.

Tuesday= New box of organic stuff to juice day! Yay!20130129-135728.jpgThe goods. 3 large grapefruit, 8 fuji apples, green swiss chard, huge bag of carrots, lacinato kale, and two big bunches of regular kale.

20130129-135736.jpgKale has the best texture!

20130129-135722.jpgIt’s hard not to peak in the box on the ride home! Here was the sneak peek.

20130129-135742.jpgMy favorite thing from the box this week is the green swiss chard. Beautiful.

20130129-135749.jpgArtsy apples!

I would give this share a 8.5/10. I really was hoping for some ginger! I am all out. Guess I will be adding garlic this week 😉


2 thoughts on “Organic Juicer’s share #4.

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