Adventuring is my new coffee.

Sometimes you need to change up your normal routine. As some of you know I stopped drinking so much caffeine. I have had only had a few cups since early December. I don’t miss it. I found my new coffee. Adventuring! This morning my husband and I decided to go exploring. We went to a familiar place the horseshoe, and ended up at a new spot also! Check out this beautifulness! We walked/hiked up some hills and rocks for about 60 minutes.20130130-123216.jpgThe horseshoe.

20130130-123304.jpgAbandoned lobster/crabby trap.

20130130-123353.jpgClear water + coral sandals 😉

20130130-123431.jpgLook that rock formation at the end.

20130130-123450.jpgNot sure what this is! Looks like a barracuda, but it was bright turquoise.

20130130-123532.jpgThe view from the free side of Bahia Honda.


20130130-123638.jpgWaves were wild!

20130130-123711.jpgOld water pipe + huge driftwood.


20130130-123810.jpgTons of wildflowers around.


20130130-123844.jpgThe old flagler railroad building. It used to be boarded up, but it was open today.

20130130-123905.jpgFilled with graffiti and filthy sayings. Great job guys!

20130130-123918.jpgA view from the station looking up the hill.



20130130-124053.jpgWe walked up some broken crooked stairs to get this view.

20130130-124110.jpgBahia Honda old bridge. MM 35.

20130130-124121.jpgThe new bridge next to it.








20130130-124412.jpgBridge architecture has my heart. Love this shot.


20130130-124455.jpgLove that curb



20130130-124627.jpgBright Blue skies.

20130130-124648.jpgWe walked all around the bridge. Tons of trash here. Really sad. Next time I will bring a trash bag.

20130130-124702.jpgThe other side.

20130130-124733.jpgTried to catch some wave texture. So hard to photograph, but the waves were wicked!

20130130-124748.jpgAlmost home.


20130130-124834.jpgPurple for Peace!

What a great FREE adventure. This trip totally set the tone for my day!

2 thoughts on “Adventuring is my new coffee.

  1. What a great way to get some exercise!
    I used to live in Florida, and now I live in the desert. Seeing your pictures makes me miss having an ocean nearby. So very jealous!

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