Frozen Yogurt Fruit Drops.

734768_328724047228796_739990426_n (1)

This is totally not a new concept at all! I just have a combination of yogurt + fruit that is perfect, and I think it would make a really great healthy Valentine’s Day dessert.

All you need is a selection of fruit. I used strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.

1 container of Chobani Bites Raspberry with Dark chocolate chips flavor.

Lay out a baking sheet topped with wax paper. Dip fruit into yogurt. Lay on top of paper. Continue. Put into freezer. Takes about 30-45 minutes to set.

542763_328737980560736_861515392_n (1)

The reason it would be perfect for valentines day, is that there are baby dark chocolate chips in the yogurt that end up on the fruit! So it’s like a sweet, protein, frozen, chocolately treat of goodness.

If you wanted to be even fancier, you could sprinkle crushed nuts or coconut on top.

Valentine’s day can still be healthy!! I am so doing this! I will probably use whole strawberries, and raspberries!

Calories vary, but I would say for 1 serving of fruit and yogurt- 150 calories!

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