New found Strength.


Okay. So I am a cardio queen. I have been for the past three years. I would say the majority of my weight loss has come from basically all cardio. I hate strength training. I always have. I would try to force myself to do it. I would aim for two days a week. I never ever really gave it my all! I did notice from doing the 30 day shred though, that I was getting all of these super cool cuts in my arms, stomach, shoulders, etc. Okay so I need to start strength training. Fine. FINE!

I have found my new best friend. Resistance bands. OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM! I am kicking some strength training ass with these bad boys. I love how you use your own body weight! They are super portable, and sooo fun! I am starting the Jillian Michaels body revolution in March, but until that time I am going to continue to do resistance band strength training three times a week, and a ton of walking and jogging.

So happy I can finally start working on some muscle tone for real!! Go me!

Here are the kick ass bands I scored-

6 thoughts on “New found Strength.

  1. I’m also not a fan of strength training, but it sure does make me feel good afterwards! Sometimes I don’t want to do a strength training DVD, so I’ll just watch TV and kind of do my own thing. I know it’s not as effective, but at least it’s something.

  2. I use mine too. I use them to do abdominal workouts. I also use them for the whole body. You still get that muscle tightness.

    I can’t lift heavy weights due to being asthmatic. So I train very light. This has helped with toning my muscles. It has helped with rehabilitating my body.

  3. I have always wanted these… but I guess I never realized they were made of latex until you posted the link to yours most of them don’t say it. I have a latex allergy so I no bands for me… bummer

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