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Here’s a vegetarian version of a dish that is mostly done with meat and seafood. Very rarely you will find a vegetarian gumbo. Its a shame for vegetarians like me because this dish from Louisiana is delicious! This is my take on this classic recipe – its vegetarian and vegan.

Gumbo is basically vegetables, meat and/or seafood cooked in a Roux sauce with some seasoning. Roux is made by cooking flour in some kind of fat – vegetable oil in this recipe, till it turns a really dark shade of brown.. almost like dark caramel. The key is to cook the roux on low heat while stirring it continuously but gently. It is the most important and the most time consuming step in making any kind of gumbo. You could try making the roux sauce in advance and store it in the fridge, but I am not sure how much will it…

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