Striiv on.

My friend Cathy introduced me to the coolest pedometer/app. The best part about the app Striiv, is that you don’t need to buy the actual pedometer. It can track your steps through your phone! Oh and it’s free! I immediately downloaded it and became obsessed. Seriously. You can add friends, compete, or root people on. You work together in a team, or you can work it alone. It tracks your steps. miles. calories burnt, steps walked, stairs walked (this feature you need the pedometer for), and how many minutes you are active for. It also has challenges to complete. For example- Walk 50 steps in 1 minute, or walk 400 steps in 10 minutes. When you complete a challenge you get points. These points can be used to play a little game that is included in the app called myland. You can build cute little things and collect coins. I started using it a few weeks ago, and I have not turned back! I try to break my record every single day. I got so into this that my husband bought me the actual pedometer. Now the app tracks my steps even when I don’t have my phone! If you have an iphone, you should really check out this application!20130220-122328.jpgSimple striiv pedometer. I got it for 49.99 on sale. Usually retails for 69.99. Worth it! They have a fancier one, but this one works fine for me.

20130220-122352.jpgYou can get it at Best Buy or online.

20130220-122415.jpgIt gives you all these cool rewards!

20130220-122544.jpgYou don’t say?!


20130220-122555.jpgHeck yeah!

20130220-123317.jpgFeels so good.


is where you can find out more info!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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