Mr. Bento Lunch Jar.

-Note- I am not being paid or given product for this post. Just my opinion!

I am obsessed with all things BENTO. I can’t help it. Cute little trays, boxes, and compartments? I am so down. My amazing husband found this great Bento jar on sale over on amazon last week.

It was on sale for 35.00 bucks, so he decided to get one for me.

20130221-112927.jpgComes with this cute carrying case! Plus a 5 year warranty!

20130221-113045.jpgIt’s just the right size.

20130221-113120.jpgOpen it up and you get all of these cute compartments.

This would be perfect for someone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. You can keep things cold or hot. You could easily keep salad dressing in the small tub, salad in the next size up, protein in one, and snack in other. It even comes with a little fork! Think about going out for a hike and having a picnic in the middle of nowhere with this thing. Or for a day out on the boat. Or on a road trip.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Bento Lunch Jar.

  1. I love it! I’ve seen these before on but wasn’t sure if it was worth the price. I still kind of want one, though! It would be perfect for my school lunches. Thank you for the recommendation!

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