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Finger, Fork & Knife

I’ve prepared and cooked a lot of salmon dishes in my life. Actually, to say ‘a lot’ is an understatement. Salmon is my go-to dinner staple. I love its natural buttery-ness, its texture, and the way it can stand up to so many different flavours and cooking styles. Having said this however, I have only posted one salmon-centric recipe on Finger, Fork & Knife. Why? I suppose it’s because the sooner I get a forkful or chopstick-ful of perfectly pink fish in my mouth, the better. But (!) I made a salmon meal today that I thought was worth holding out from eating long enough to photograph to share with you all.

Udon noodles are tossed with a palm sugar and citrus-soy dressing and topped with a caramel-coloured piece of miso-honey glazed salmon, avocado, oven-crispy kale, and toasted sesame seeds. But don’t let my version influence you too much. You…

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