The fish are here!


Here are some pictures from our fishing weekend! We caught a total of 34 fish! 20130225-101029.jpgMan o War. These bad boys come with the south winds. Scary!

20130225-101049.jpgRods in!

20130225-101102.jpgPuffer fish! They are extremely toxic, and have super sharp teeth!

20130225-101149.jpgAnchored up. Little Palm in the background.


20130225-101307.jpgBright blue, light blue, green, and white.

20130225-101328.jpgHeaded home!


20130225-101456.jpgGot these lobster tails up at Keys fisheries. 5 dollars for a 5 oz tail. Great deal.

We had a fantastic weekend. I feel like we are both getting much better at fishing. It just takes some time and practice. We are getting new gear this weekend so we can go back out and kick some more ass!

I froze half of the fish we caught for bait, and half of the other fish I gutted, cleaned, and fileted for fish jerky. I used soy sauce, ginger, and orange and marinated the fish for about 24 hours. It’s in the dehydrator right now.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all had a great weekend!


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