Oh allergic woes.

So my allergic reaction to whatever ended up getting a lot worse. I spent four hours waiting in Urgent Care yesterday! They told me it was a generic reaction, shot me up with prednisone, gave me more prednisone, and sent me on my merry way. I am feeling a bit better. Yesterday was SUPER bad though. I was covered in raised itchy welts ALL over my body. Today the itching is gone, but I still have some swelling in my finger and am feeling overall lousy from the steroids. My plan is just to rest up and get back to my normal routine as soon as I am feeling better. I still have to take steroids for the next 4 days though! Pout! Anyways, just wanted to keep you guys updated. Sorry there hasn’t been a ton of new GGH content. Be on the lookout for a few new giveaways, a baked potato leek soup recipe, and a great interview SOON! Miss you all!


Your thoughts beautiful people?

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