Let’s get to it.

Friday has been pretty good. It felt like a strong start! I have been all over the place so today I just wanted to be grounded.

My goals? Healthy eats, 10,250 steps, and 1 gallon of water.  KILLED IT BRO!

20130308-144241.jpgThis happened. Super proud of this!

20130308-144251.jpgActually got in almost 15000 K steps!

20130308-144332.jpgTaste of the rainbow. JUICE! Breakfast.


20130308-144422.jpgSo calm today! Glad I got my ass walking.

20130308-144440.jpgBig Pine Channel.

20130308-155834.jpgGrilled chicken wraps for lunch!

20130308-155856.jpgGrilled chicken with bell peppers, onions,, mozzarella, guacamole wrapped in romaine leaves.


Baked wild salmon, purple yams, and mixed veggies for dinner.

Happy Weekend friends. I plan on resting up. My allergy is still acting up a bit. Maybe some fishing, and hanging out. Have a great one!!!!



Your thoughts beautiful people?

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