On track.

This weekend has been great. I was completely on track! I am talking all healthy eats, no alcohol, tons of water, and I got twenty miles knocked out! Gonna keep on the good ship lollipop! Here are some random pics from the weekend.

20130311-104727.jpgEggwhite omelet on toast.20130311-104742.jpgTuna Tacos.

20130311-104817.jpgSkinny potato/artichoke/leek soup.

20130311-104844.jpgMy boys taking a nap.


20130311-105630.jpgAt a special spot!

20130311-105658.jpgThe horseshoe.

20130311-105733.jpgStuffed portobello caps.

20130311-105804.jpgRods tight!

20130311-105822.jpgRosemary ginger salmon.

20130311-105929.jpgStanding tall.


Here is to a wonderful week. PUSH yourself out of those comfort zones friends.

Your thoughts beautiful people?

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