Some of our fishing adventures.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp: [Bear Claw is speaking to Paints His Shirt Red in Crow] You two know each other?
Jeremiah Johnson: I seen him once.
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: [Paints His Shirt Red continues in Crow, nodding toward Jeremiah] He says you fish poorly.

 IMDB quotes page for Jeremiah Johnson

I have, at multiple points in the past, freely admitted my inability to fish at any non-pitiful level. When Grace suggested fishing (as recounted in the blog entry below this one), I humored her and we loaded up our 5 year old cheap poles and picked a decent spot. We immediately began pulling lots of small panfish (fishies so small that one could, were one so inclined, fry them up whole in a pan). We’d had an outing or two like this last year, which resulted in further grunt landings, and…

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  1. F’er indeed! Enjoyed this immensely…

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