Salad a Day Challenge!

Ooh looks good Jen!


Two of my fellow weight-loss bloggers from Grace Got Healthy and Trying Not to be Fat posted about their Salad-a-Day challenge, and I decided to take part for a couple reasons.  1) My blog has been really lame lately, and this will give me something to start posting about again… and 2) Although I know salads are good for me (the home made kind, at least), I rarely take the time to make a good salad.  Now I have some motivation!

The challenge started today, and here are the rules:

  • 1 salad as a meal, either lunch or dinner.
  • Salad must contain some form of protein, and good fats either via nuts/seeds or oils.
  • Get creative! Add dried fruit, berries, croutons, cheese, anything you fancy that day.
  • If you’re not very creative, check my (Trying Not to be Fat) facebook page for inspiration, I tend to post a lot of…

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Your thoughts beautiful people?

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