Getting Freekeh with it.

I am always looking to try new whole foods. I believe that the healthiest foods we can feed our bodies are natural, whole, and not processed. I had the pleasure of recently being introduced to a grain that has been around for 2000 years. Freekeh from Freekeh Foods. Uh yeah what? I am sure you are asking yourself what the heck is Freekeh?!


Freekeh is a highly nutritious grain made from roasted green grains. It was created by accident nearly 2000 years ago. A Middle Eastern village had their crops of young green wheat set on fire. Instead of trashing it, the villagers rubbed off the charred parts, cooked it up, and Freekeh was created. It has been around forever, but not popularized in America. This is why you probably have never heard of it.


Freekeh is a great alternative to quinoa or rice. The nutritional statistics are truly impressive. 120 calories, 1 gram of fat, 24 carbs, 4 grams of dietary fiber, and 8 grams of protein. That is 3 times more fiber and protein as brown rice. It’s  Kosher, Naturally Vegan, Made in the USA and Now Certified Organic.


Okay all that sounds great, but how does it taste? I put Freekeh to the test!

It comes in three different flavors. Original, Rosemary Sage, and Tamari. The instructions say it’s easy to cook– just like rice. Simple enough.

You can cook it with just water, or you can cook it in chicken or vegetable broth to add a bit more flavor.

Okay totally simple. Now what to do with it it? Basically anything you want! Put it in soups, salads, pilafs, or eat it plain.

I tried it first plain. I wasn’t sure what to expect for that first bite. I was pleasantly surprised. It has a great texture. It doesn’t get all sticky and clumpy like rice. It has a nutty taste and I knew it would go perfect in just about anything!

My friend Bonnie Matthews has lost 130 pounds. You might have seen her on the Dr Oz show! She was introduced to Freekeh years ago when she worked at a local Trader Joes. She has been passionate about spreading this amazing grain with the rest of the country. She has lost her weight by working out of course, but by also eating WHOLE foods. She was so inspired by this amazing grain that she has written a cookbook “30 ways to Freekeh”. I decided to try one of her recipes the lemon dill chicken.

freekeh3 I chopped up garlic, carrots, and onions.freekeh4 Added them to a large pan with a bit of olive oil.freekeh5 I am using the rosemary sage flavor for this dish. You can see the herbs in there!freekeh7 Cooked down veggies. Add uncooked freekeh. Stir to coat.freekeh8Add chicken broth, lemon, and dill. Cover and simmer until chicken is done about 30 minutes.freekeh10Ta da.

Delish. I am hooked. There are so many options for this grain!

Freekeh is available at most Whole Foods Stores, Mom’s Organic, David’s, and Root’s Market. Or you can buy it online for cheaper.

Available for $2.40  a bag. At 4 servings each that makes the cost .60 cents a serving. Amazing. Here is the link to buy Freekeh online along with the cookbook.!shop

Thanks for reading. I hope you will seriously check out Freekeh! It will definently be a new staple in my diet!

Here is their facebook page. Check them out for special offers and information on this amazing super grain!

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