Looking ahead.

I have a little announcement! I reached my weight loss goal for May! I lost 12 pounds. My goal was 10. I reached it early also! There is still almost a week left in May.


I also kept track of how many miles I walked each day. My goal was 120. Well as of today I have walked 143 miles. That means I walked the entire length of the Florida Keys and up to Homestead Florida! That is a long walk!! I am super proud of myself. I still have a few days left so who knows what the final total will be!


I have been using a calendar to track my steps this month. Once I reach my goal I always check it off the calendar. It really helps to see all of my hard work right up there on the fridge. I decided to make a new workout schedule calendar for June.

You should make one with me!

GO here to download and print a workout calendar for free.


Here is my schedule for June! 30 day shred, swimming 3 times a week, and trying to hit 10,000 steps a day. It is going to be challenging for me, but I am determined to keep my body healthy and active this summer.



I would love to see you make a plan for JUNE and STICK to it!! If you make a calendar you should share it on my facebook page!!

Just keep going friends. It’s possible!

6 thoughts on “Looking ahead.

  1. Congratulations on your 12 pounds! I’ll bet you will see even more come off in the next week. Maybe your total will be 14 for May. 🙂 I want to make workout goals but can’t really put it on a fridge calendar. Right now I set reminders in my phone and the works out ok.

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