Sunday Sunday.

It’s raining here in the Keys. This makes me happy and sad. Sad because it means no snorkeling or swimming. Happy because the sound of rain is deliciously romantic. It also means I have the entire day free to play inside.

Breakfast was exceptional this morning. My husband and I made poached eggs for the first time. It is time-consuming, but delicious. I lightened up my eggs bene by skipping the Canadian bacon, and making a delicious fat free sauce. I also used a multi-grain english muffin. The sauce was plain Chobani greek yogurt, and some grey poupon honey mustard mixed together. It turned out creamy and delicious. You can do so much with Chobani plain greek as a base! I also added on some fresh slices of organic tomato and served it with organic strawberries. It was divine.

beneI just finished day 2 of the 30 day shred. WOOSA!

Now I am just sitting around listening to the rain and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of this gray day! Have a great rest of the weekend friends.

I leave you with my little water gnome Silas. He loves drinking from the faucet. He will actually harass you UNTIL you give him running water.

silas1 silas2

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