Update. :)

Happy Friday friends. The sun is actually shining on the islands today. We shall see how long this lasts! It has been rainy and gray all week. Not that I am complaining! It’s still paradise after all:)

Last Sunday night I went snorkeling and ended up nabbing 3 of these spider crabs. The meat picked down to over a pound of sweet fresh meat.


I woke up Monday though covered in a rash. I knew exactly what had happened. I got jellyfished! I found a few huge welts on my side and legs. I am terribly allergic to the jellyfish sting apparently because I break out into a huge rash. I headed straight to urgent care for a shot and some prednisone (steroids). One positive thing? They took my blood pressure and it was 120/78. I was super happy!! I usually run higher on the top number. Getting healthier every single day!

I was afraid to death of a few things. Prednisone is famous for causing weight gain, AND it also makes me starving. I thought I was going to end up bingeing all week-long. Well I proved myself wrong! I ended up LOSING weight this week, and staying strong on my healthy eating and exercise. I lost four pounds this week!

As for this weekend I plan on doing my shred workouts, and getting at least 15-20 thousand steps in. I already have my food planned and calculated for the whole weekend so no worries there. I am looking forward to Sunday night dinner. I am making flat-iron steaks topped with grilled onion and peppers with a side of grilled cheesy portobello mushrooms. I might even have a glass of lambrusco. Fancy.

As long as you have a plan and are willing to work hard you can overcome any obstacles you encounter.

Happy weekend!!

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