No take-out? No problem.

If you follow me on my facebook page you probably know that my husband and I have been take-out free for probably over fifty days now. That means no meals out, no to go coffee or drinks, no carry out food, no fast food. Every single meal that we have eaten has been food that I have made at my house. We didn’t set out to break a world record or anything, but I must say it feels really good to not  have  spent one cent on outside food. What does this mean? Well it means more trips to the grocery store for sure. It also means I know exactly what is going into my body. No trans fat, no extra sodium or fat. I have complete control. Not to mention how much money we have saved! I am not sure when this streak is going to end, but I am more than happy and content eating at my house! Here are a few meals that I wanted to share.

Craving Mexican? Do it yourself! I made taco seasoned ground turkey with red bell peppers for the filling. For the toppings- Lettuce, mexican cheese, tomato, plain chobani for sour cream, peach salsa, cilantro, and onion. Delish!



Or make a chicken taco salad!9804_368732816561252_1572226920_nThis is so versatile. You can literally use whatever you want depending on your taste and your nutritional preference.

Craving Asian? No problem. I made this simple green chicken curry right at home. I used cauliflower as rice and this turned out delish.


Or how about some Asian rice noodle? Got it. 934857_368501263251074_1792214729_n

Something American? How about a turkey rueben burger or buffalo turkey meatballs? What about white chili with turkey or healthy spinach dip?





Something sweet?  1477_366103310157536_2076695271_nPeanut Butter Protein Milkshake.

943538_358361217598412_1770952748_nStrawberry Protein Soft Serve.

Seafood? Got that also. Lobster tails and  Wild salmon salad. 155675_350498201718047_2098850927_n

969403_359847104116490_734469593_nMy point is that you can literally make ANYTHING you want at your house. You don’t have to pay someone a million dollars to do it for you. Try not eating out for one week. I bet your waist and your wallet with thank me!

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