Flipping for Chobani.

Living in the Florida Keys is great, but sometimes we have a problem finding awesome products. Like these new Chobani Flips. I searched high and low for them for weeks. No luck at all. I finally asked my good friends at Chobani if they could give me some to review. They said yes! I was so happy when this box of amazingness showed up at my door!

20130621-105009.jpgIn all of their glory- Strawberry Sunrise, Key Lime Crumble, Almond Coco Loco, Honey Bee Nana, Vanilla Golden Crunch, and Raspberry Choco Fix. The Chobani Flips are greek yogurt with a different side topping that you  “flip” over. I like playing with my greek yogurt! Too fun.

20130621-105034.jpgKey Lime Crumble. My friend Cathy is obsessed with these. She literally eats one for breakfast every single morning. I knew it had to be the first one that I tried. The Key Lime yogurt is perfectly tart and smooth. With the addition of the graham cracker crumbles and white chocolate chips it makes the yogurt taste like a perfect Key Lime Pie. It is by far my favorite of the bunch! You could certainly use this yogurt as a dessert. I want one right now!

20130621-105055.jpgAlmond Coco Loco. I have waited years for Chobani to make a coconut greek yogurt. Well they finally did. It’s just what you would imagine. Sweet and creamy with tons of coconut taste. Add in the toasted almonds + dark chocolate chips and you have something really special. There is a bit more fat in this yogurt, but remember dark chocolate and almonds are good for you in small doses! Healthy fats are our friends.

20130621-105117.jpgVanilla Golden Crunch. I am a huge fan of the Vanilla Chobani so I knew I would like this regardless. The cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans make this flip a perfect balance of sweet—but not too sweet. Perfect mid morning snack.

20130621-105140.jpgHoney Bee Nana. My husband LOVED this one. I would rather eat the Chobani Champions Honey Banana version though. There is a banana puree that you add over to the honey yogurt. It was good but not my favorite! If you love banana this one is for you.

20130621-105155.jpgStrawberry Sunrise. Strawberry yogurt topped with honey oats. What else is there to say? Yummy! Second favorite!

20130621-105213.jpgRaspberry Choco Fix. Two words. Yes and Yes. This one was delish. The flip part is raspberry puree and you can tell it’s real raspberry! It’s a perfect combination.


If you see these in the store I would highly suggest picking some up. Chobani for me is the ultimate greek yogurt, and I will be protesting every single dairy department until they decide to order these special yogurts for me!! Do you have a favorite Flip? Let me know which ones you have tried and loved!

13 thoughts on “Flipping for Chobani.

  1. My absolute favorite is the Coconut one. Seems to be everyone’s because none of the stores around me can keep it in stock! Wasn’t a fan of Strawberry or Keylime-too boring for me. Vanilla is good and I haven’t tried the Banana one yet. Raspberry is just like tr Rasberry Choc Bites, so I will stick to those as they are cheaper. Otherwise, keep making that coconut and I’ll keep Chobani in business just from that alone! 😉

  2. Oooh, look at all those flavors…my hubs has tried the Key Lime kind and he loves it. Chobani’s great…and your photos are gorgeous.

  3. I am the addict she is referring too:) I have eaten the key lime flip everyday for like a month! I have taken a break from it for ONE day! Last time I was at the store I bought 18 at once! I have tried the coconut which I think tastes like suntan lotion and the banana I wasn’t a fan of. But the key lime is to die for!!! I seriously have never never been so hooked on a food in my life!!

  4. Thank you for reviewing these! I’m a huge Chobani fan and I’ve never even heard of them before. Luckily I’m going to the store today! I’ve been doing something similar with my own regular Chobani yogurts, like I add fruit or dried cherries into mine. Vanilla is my favorite, too.

  5. Yummy! This just made me excited to go grocery shopping this weekend! I am so keeping an eye out for these! How have I never heard of this before?!

  6. I love Chobani Flips so much I eat at least 2 every day. The new ones Sirachi Mango and Chipolte Pineapple are awesome! My all time favorite is the Salted Caramel, when flips go on sale I will buy 25-30 of them at a time.

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