Diet to go arrival!

Hey guys! My Diet To Go low carb meal plan arrived today! Here is a sneak peek of its goodness! I will be sharing my meals with you as I eat them, and will give  you my full review of next week!

20130627-160720.jpgThe meals arrived in a cooler. There was no damage to any of the trays, and the meals were perfectly sealed in a tight bag. They arrived completely frozen and packed in dry ice. I thought for sure that some of the meals might thaw out due to it being so hot here on the island, but everything was perfect.

20130627-160739.jpgI quickly separated them. Here are the breakfast choices. I see you eyeing my bacon. Hands off my bacon! omelets, veggies, Quiche, turkey sausage patty oh my.

20130627-160806.jpgLunch choices. Looks legit!

20130627-160817.jpgDinner choices. Tons of chicken options, flounder stuffed crab, and I even spy some brussels sprouts. GOOD! I love them! 🙂

20130627-160943.jpgI am reviewing a 5 day low carb plan. Here is my menu for the week.

20130627-161356.jpgI organized them in my freezer into breakfast, lunch, and dinner piles. Now I know where everything is.


Here is a preview of my first meal. I had the turkey burger with veggies and lemon herb sauce. 🙂

Have a great day guys! I have a huge giveaway to announce very soon as well so stay tuned!

Happy low carbing friends! 🙂


3 responses to “Diet to go arrival!

  1. That looks delicious and homemade! Thank you for introducing us to diets to go! What a cool concept and seems way fresher than some other food delivery systems. I can’t wait to hear what your yummiest meals were:)

  2. That meal actually looks very tasty! diet-to-go seems like they really got they’re stuff together. The meals looks fresh and you can actually tell what everything is. Not like some frozen mystery mush that other companies sell.

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