Low Key.

What a chill and mellow weekend I had. My husband and I had worked super hard all week in the yard tidying up and improving some things. I scrubbed all of our boats, pruned our banana tree, scrubbed our boat basin, and about a hundred other things. Needless to say when the weekend came we were both EXHAUSTED. We literally took it easy all weekend. I grilled a bit, swam in the pool, played some sims, and just really rested. I can’t believe June has come and gone. Time really does fly!

I didn’t meet my June goals. I did lose five pounds, but I didn’t finish the 30 day shred. That is the thing about living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t always go your way. Some months, weeks, days are gonna be easier than others. It can feel effortless, or it can feel like the hardest thing. The point is that we just have to keep trying. I am not upset with myself. I will just continue on my journey. I want to lose 10 lbs for the month of July. My birthday is in 25 days! 🙂

I got a organic share blog coming tomorrow, a diet to go review, a huge giveaway announcement, and I will try to throw a few recipes up this week as well. Take care friends! Hope you all had a good weekend. What are your goals for July?

20130701-104747.jpgThis sailboat was covered in black crap before I attacked it!


20130701-104917.jpgPretty clouds this weekend.

20130701-105116.jpgGrilled zucchini for the grill!

20130701-105126.jpgPlaying the new Sims island adventure 🙂

20130701-105145.jpgHappy Sunday!


20130701-105453.jpgThe new hammock is soo awesome. Comfy and I love the color. We are thinking of getting another one. I don’t wanna share!

20130701-105542.jpgNew chair lounger for the pool.

20130701-105618.jpgWorking from the pool.

20130701-105639.jpgFirst round of cleaning the sea basin. It looks SO much better now. All the black crap is almost gone.


7 thoughts on “Low Key.

  1. This is why we love you grace:) you have such an honest real life perspective on your journey! And you say it with such “grace”. Some people Are brutally honest and self sabotaging about their non successful moments while others are fake. You present yours with such class that it pushes us all to just keep going:) your confidence shines so brightly! You are such an inspiration. ❤

  2. Just found your blog and as I was looking at the canal pictures I just kept thinking man I wonder if she is in the Keys. Sure enough I see the tag at the bottom of the post says Fl Keys. 🙂 My family used to have a house down there we would hit on weekends. I miss it but it was sold long ago. It was in Key Largo. I grew up in Miami but am in central FL now. Off to explore your blog.

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