Diet To Go Giveaway. One free week of meals.

I have recently had the pleasure of becoming an ambassador for Diet to Go. What does an ambassador do? Well it’s basically like I get to try their products, promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness and exercise, and also it means I get to pass on some awesome deals to you guys. I got to try a week worth of food from last week and I was so very pleased. I will have my full menu review up very soon with pictures and  thoughts on each different meal I ate, but until that time I have something for YOU!

I have a week of meals to give one of my lucky readers. You read that right. One FULL week of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Diet to go believes in providing healthy meals that are perfectly portioned and delivered directly to your doorstep. It will arrive in a cooler that is neatly packed and all ready for the week. The meals can be cooked in a microwave or the oven. From Diet To Go “We use fresh, natural ingredients, whole grain products, greek yogurt and never include any trans fats in our meals. Our Traditional low-fat and Vegetarian low-fat meal plans are low in cholesterol and sodium and meet the dietary guidelines from several major health organizations such as the American Dietetic Association, American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society”. You will get to choose from three different menus. Low Carb, Low Fat, or Vegetarian. To check out the menu click here .

If you have any allergies Diet to Go will customize your order. Don’t like seafood? You can customize it. They are wonderful at customer service and will make sure you will get exactly what you need.

So do you want a full week of meals? Do you want to get back a few hours of your life? Just imagine no cooking, thinking, or preparing anything. The work is already done. Maybe you will even lose a few pounds! I lost 4 on my low carb plan!

burg17510_377070645727469_1003270700_nfontinaREAL FOOD!!!

Okay so here is how you can WIN. I want you to comment on this post and tell me what meal plan you would choose if you won. Would you choose the low carb plan, low-fat traditional plan, or the vegetarian plan? I will choose the winner randomly on July 15th.

Simple right? Want a few extra chances to win? I thought so. Share this post on twitter or Facebook for extra entry! For each site you share this contest on, I will give you another chance. So easy. Just hashtag it with #diettogogiveaway and #gracegothealthy so I can keep track of your shares.

Good luck!!


93 responses to “Diet To Go Giveaway. One free week of meals.

  1. I would choose the low-carb! Carbs are my weakness and it would be great to have a full week planned out to have a bit of a detox.

  2. I would choose the low fat! I am excited to try this because I am an empty nester & have put on weight mainly because I don’t want to cook for one so I make poor choices.

  3. I would love to try the low carb one. I am trying to get back in shape after 3 children and high blood pressure. I wang to be as healthy as possible and the birth of my third child 5 weeks early because of a possible heart attack / stroke scared me.

  4. I would choose the low carb if I win. I would hope that this would teach me how to fix low carb meals for the family

  5. I would choose the low carb one. Low carb has worked well for me in the past. I also have food allergies, so would be interested in how they could customize for that. It makes it difficult sometimes.

  6. I would choose low-fat, because that is mainly how I try to eat.

  7. I would choose the Vegetarian! The meals all look so great! I would LOVE to win!

  8. I would choose the low-carb plan. Despite all my best efforts and doctor’s help, my weight just keeps going up opposed to down. My nutritionist recently put me on a gluten free/no refined carb/sugar diet so I think this would fit in best. Thanks for the opportunity! I refuse to give up on my weight loss!

  9. I would try the low-carb plan! I’m down 30 pounds and just getting started on my weight loss journey. Carbs are probably what I have struggled with the most so it would be great to learn how to do a week’s worth of meals while keeping carbs under control.

  10. Rachel Bradford

    These look amazing!! I would definitely try the low carb.

  11. I love my carbs but I would choose the low carb. They all look delish!

  12. I would probably try the traditional plan:-). I hope I win!!!

  13. Reblogged this on Grace Got Healthy! and commented:

    4 days left to enter my #giveaway. #diettogo is giving one of my readers one full week of meals. You get to choose what food plan you want, and they ship you all of your meals right to your door. It’s real food! Enter today!!! #diettogogiveaway

  14. I’d go with the low fat menu, although the shepherds pie from the veggie menu looks like the bomb! 🙂

  15. Jules Bradfield

    I haven’t had much luck sticking to any of those plans doing it on my own. I would let you choose for me! I think they all have their beneftis and maybe it would be a new start for me, if I didn’t have to think so much for a whole week about what to eat. Good luck everyone!

  16. I would choose the vegetarian plan because I would love to go vegetarian but I have found it difficult to find great tasting recipes.

  17. I really want to try the low carb diet. I need a boost to this weight loss adventure!

  18. I would do the Low-fat traditional plan, only because when I tried to reduce my carbs I got sick LOL Good Luck to all! 🙂

  19. I so want to win and try low carb- do they have a low cholesterol option

  20. I would choose the low carb version but really would take any of them! lol thanks for a chance to win!

  21. Heidi (Holzapfel) Dishong

    I would choose the low carb plan! As a Mom of 4, it’ so hard for me to stay on track with my healthy eating! This is just what I need, to stay on track, and show me I can eat more than salads!

  22. I would chose low carb plan-this would b perfect to win since i will b having baby #4 in 2 weeks and how easy would it b to have meals ready for me that r healthy and thoughtless for me to get back on my weight loss journey:)

  23. After the week I had between jason in the hospital and the stomach flu sickness attacking my baby and the cars breaking down It would be awesome to have a healthy lo carb meal ready to heat up just for me 🙂 im making 3 different dinners a night at this point and it’s starting to take away my joy of cooking which is usually my release

  24. I would chose low-carb. I definitely feel better when eating low carb but find it difficult to meal plan in that fashion. So having a week of food all low carb would help me going forward as well.

  25. Low-carb!!!! I feel so refreshed when eating low-cab and not so “laggy” if thats a way to put it 🙂 Ive lost 115 pounds, 50 of that coming of with a low carb diet.

  26. I would choose the low-fat traditional. They all look amazing, though!

  27. Heather Emmert

    low carb! carbs are my weakness so I need to work on them

  28. I would try the low-fat traditional.I hope I get the chance..! Good luck to all..!

  29. I’d choose the vegetarian plan.

  30. Low carb – it’s where I have my most trouble and it’s my biggest weakness, like so many others. I’m excited about this possibility and look forward to hearing more about Diets To Go!

  31. I would try the low-carb plan…… but with a gluten-free option (celiac in da house!) Sounds wonderful!

  32. I would select the low-carb plan, with a gluten-free option (celiac in da house!) Sounds like a wonderful service!

  33. Would love to give the low carb a try! I’d also love to not have to shop and cook in order to eat healthy!

  34. I would go with low fat traditional. It is still a good balance of complex carbs, proteins and fats!

  35. poolebev I would definitely do the low carb diet plan because IT WORKS!. But you must devote yourself to the plan, stick to it. I’ve lost 38 pounds or more on low carbs plan.


  37. I would love to give the low carb plan a try!

  38. Low Fat Traditonal for me!!!

  39. I would choose low-carb. The best plan to continue on my journey.

  40. Oh Grace, this would be such a blessing to receive! I need something like this to kick start me. I would love to try the low carb plan as carbs are my “hot button”. I live alone so having meals already prepared for me would be so helpful! 🙂

  41. Low carb – it’s where I have my most trouble and it’s my biggest weakness, like so many others. I’m excited about this possibility and look forward to hearing more about Diets To Go!

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