How to Eat Healthy and Stay Trim While Traveling.

How to Eat Healthy and Stay Trim While Traveling

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Ever feel stressed about how to stay nutritious and avoid packing on those extra pounds while you’re on vacation? Here is a simple breakdown of tips to help keep you slim and healthy while you’re traveling this year:

When Flying/At the Airport:

Make sure to eat a full meal before you get to the airport! Airports are notorious for serving up loads of fried, unhealthy food and you don’t want to experience urges to load up on greasy calories while you’re there. It would also be advantageous to pack a few snacks for the flight, as well as during any downtime between flights – dried fruit, nuts, and granola are great low-calorie options that keep you full and your waistline slim. Drinking lots of water also keeps you satiated and your stomach full, as well as making your skin glow. Instead of using the escalators to carry your bags around, take the stairs! These simple movements will jumpstart your metabolism and prevent you from feeling tired.

Finding A Healthy Hotel:

Look for hotels that are vegetarian friendly and potentially offer hors d’oeuvres throughout the day – at some nicer hotels, guests who stay on a Club level are offered twenty-four hour access to a lounge area that has fresh, small meals and snacks throughout the day. Snacking on healthy foods throughout the day will prevent you from overly indulging in one meal and loading up on desserts and sugar. If you really want to avoid temptation, refusing the key to the minibar is a good practice of self-discipline and will keep you staying trim. Try scoping out nearby health food stores once you arrive at your destination to stock up on fruit and whole grain snacks. If eating a continental breakfast at the hotel, make sure to gravitate more towards the oatmeal, fruit, and wheat toast – avoid the scrambled cheesy eggs, pastries, and meat, as these items are high in cholesterol and fat and will most definitely make you feel groggy.


Finding A Healthy Restaurant:

Many applications and websites are now available for cell phones to identify vegetarian-friendly and healthy restaurants in your surrounding area – this could be a very useful tool when traveling.  I have found in my ventures that reading reviews from other travelers about the areas prior to arrival can make it much easier to maintain a healthy diet. I recently traveled out west and found a great site that listed reviews Las Vegas hotels that led to finding a vegetarian restaurant in the midst of the buffet zone. Try to avoid all you can eat places or restaurants with buffets, as patrons have a tendency to overstuff themselves in these circumstances and healthy food is limited. Make sure to be eating plenty of fresh, leafy greens if at all possible – be on the lookout for salad bars. To avoid stress when arriving at the restaurant, take a look at the menu before leaving your room or call ahead and speak to the manager about what healthy options are offered. Consider eating a light snack ahead of time.

While At The Restaurant:

While eyeing the menu, be on the lookout for words such as “reduced,” “baked,” “grilled,”  “high fiber,” and “steamed.” Vegetarian and vegan options are almost always the healthiest if available. Skip the potatoes and instead double your side of vegetables. Think colorful foods. Happy travels!

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