Purina Light and Healthy Puppy Pack giveaway.

Purina wants to give one of my readers a Light and Healthy Puppy play pack! They are starting a new campaign centering around being active with your dogs. So not only do they want our puppies eating lighter, but they want our pups being active! Check out what you could win.

· One 4-pound bag of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy

· 10 Samples of Purina Dog Chow Light & Healthy to share with your friends, family and/or readers

· Leash

· Dog bowl

· Doggie water bottle

· Pet pedometer

· Bandana

My pup has been on the light and healthy food for about 1 month. Between her new food and getting out and walking + swimming, she has lost 5 inches on her midsection and dropped four pounds. This is such a fun prize to win. The pet pedometer clips right onto your dog’s leash. It counts her steps! There is a portable water dish that helps keep your pup hydrated as well! A new leash and bandana and you are all ready to go.

20130715-113111.jpgLeash, pedometer, and  bandana.

20130715-113140.jpgThis is a lifesaver. Portable doggie water bottle!

20130715-113238.jpgPretty girl!

20130715-113326.jpgAll ready to go swimming mom!

20130715-113413.jpgStealing his sister’s food!!

To enter just comment below and tell me about your dog! What is his or her’s name, age, and favorite exercise. I will pick one winner randomly next week. If you share this on facebook or twitter, I will give you one more chance to win! Good luck!


24 responses to “Purina Light and Healthy Puppy Pack giveaway.

  1. Tucker is my 2 yr old lab. He is scared of water but loves hiking. Such a gentle giant. He’s the oldest of my 4 pups and my only boy. Love him. heidiusey@live.com

  2. Hey there! My dog’s name is Raelie! She loves hiking, swimming and playing with her rope toy! There’s a post about us here on my blog: http://taramackey.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/raelie-me-dont-bully-my-breed/ Thanks for this post! So lovely!

  3. Heather Emmert

    My dog is a Puggle named Brody. He’s 3. He loves to go on walks, play at the creek with the kids, and run in the backyard with the other dogs at family get togethers. However, he overheats easily, the waterbottle would be a lifesaver!

  4. My dog’s name is Magic. He is a nearly 4 year old black lab German shepherd mix. He is all black and loves to keep cool by swimming…other than swimming he is a great sprinter! He would love to win this good bag

  5. our dog’s name is Conan and he is a three year old bull mastiff cross he likes to go for walks when we can but we live in a big city so sometimes it’s hard to get him out. we’re movin to a country property so he’ll have way more hiking time In 6 short days!

  6. Abby is my 8 year old chocolate lab. She loves going for walks and swimming! Would love to win this for her!

  7. This is wonderful! My dog is named Missy and she’s an eight-year-old terrier and chihuahua mix. She absolutely loves running around in the backyard and going for long walks (of course, while sniffing around along the way). Over the past year or so, Missy has gained some weight due to a change in her food. It would be wonderful for her to win the bag so she can use the Light & Healthy chow. It sounds like just what she needs!

  8. My dog’s name is Odin- he likes laying in front of the fan right now but in the evening he likes going for walks since it is a bit cooler, He is chubby like his owner we both think walking is great~!

  9. Hi! I’d like to share my two dogs with you!! My Mistydog is the senior of our home. She’s about 16 years old (she was a stray that found us 13 years ago and already had some age on her), she’s now partially blind, mostly deaf, and has only 4 teeth left… She’s a terrier mix (mutt) and looks a great deal like an otter! 😜 She’s spent the last 13 years guarding my children, our home, and farm. She has out-smarted foxes and coyotes that have killed many of the BIG dogs we’ve had and too many chickens to count. She has been struck by lightning, hit by a car, and kicked by a bull and still is going strong! 💖 Her favorite activities now include chasing the 4wheeler, “helping” in the garden, and spending time with my husband and I (our kids are grown now). Misty used to love going on long walks with us on the old back roads here but can no longer do so due to her failing vision and hearing (I had to stop a dog that tried to attack her during the winter – she never heard or saw the dog coming) She’s not much to look at, but under her rugged exterior beats a heart of gold and a soul like none other! She’s the BEST dog I’ve ever had – and I’m so grateful that she decided to come live on our farm so many years ago. My Roxie is a 2 year old redtick/blue heeler mix…full of energy and always smiling as she asks for a pat on the head – or when she bounces her 60 pound self into my lap! 😜 She is the dog version of Disney’s “Tygger”… She enjoys climbing trees (yes!) in hot pursuit of raccoons, opossums, and the occasion stray cat. Roxie bounces her way through the fields just looking for adventure – and entertaining me along the way! She tries her best to keep rabbits “cleared out” of our yard (never harming them – she just likes to chase them), she attempts to climb in my car when she sees the door open, and loves riding in the boat. Roxie is my sweet little clown and always makes me smile and giggle! I say that I’m a cat person but I’m sure thankful to have been blessed with these good dogs…they’re a very important part of our FAMILY – which wouldn’t be the same without both of them! I 💖 my dogs!

  10. Our dogs name is butter biscuit my 7 year old named him this because his favorite meal is breakfast and when we picked him out he had a really fluffy body and he said he looked like a biscuit lol. He is a 9 weeks old lab mix and we took him in after someone left him and his brother on the side of the road. The thing he enjoys most is chewing lol-but so far as long as he has a rawhide in site no off limits items have been chewed. Having this puppy has caused my son and I begin walking our block at least once a day to make sure he (and we) get the necessary exercise. The thing I have found hardest was finding a healthy and good for him food that wasn’t just corn and by product but very happy with this 🙂

  11. My dogs name is Brutus, a great dane mix that we rescued from the local shelter! When we first got him 7 years ago he was malnourished and scrawny from being abandoned! He has been the greatest companion especially when my hubby was deployed and also when he is away for training. We love to go on walks, have lots of snuggle time, and a few slobbery kisses. He is our 2 year old best friend! Sharing on facebook as well!!

  12. Our dog’s name is Teddy and he’s 10 months old. We don’t really know what he is, because when we adopted him they thought he was a “Shepherd mix” but he’s stayed the size of a beagle and looks like a miniature lab.His favorite exercise is playing with his collection of tube socks. We took a bunch of old socks and balled them up and put them inside another sock and tied a giant knot in it. He takes this homemade sock toy, swings it around violently and smacks himself in the butt with it. It makes me laugh every time! He is crazy!!

  13. What is his or her’s name, age, and favorite exercise. My dog’s name is Sammy and he’s 11 and he loves to hike.

  14. My dog is a chow and lab mix and he is just the cutest thing. He loves to go on long walks and take naps on my legs. He is also afraid of bugs.

  15. My dog loves sleeping on his stuffed animals!

  16. Cam, age:10 and he love to run.

  17. Kouga is 6 years old and he loves to walk and hike

  18. Kouga is 7 years old and likes hiking and walking. He is a real sweetie.

  19. Contest Closed! Winner Crystal Dadds. Thank you all for entering!

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