A random weekend.

The weekend started off promising.

20130722-104333.jpgA few Pacifico beers,  some turkey reuben burgers, zucchini, and sweet potatoes on the grill.


20130722-104411.jpgA greenie smoothie for breakfast Saturday. That is when the fun stopped though. I came down with a bit of a flu. I felt so horrible. To make me feel better my husband started giving me some early birthday presents.

20130722-104449.jpgCheck out this 90’s coloring book and tower of crayons. Yes I am going to be 31. Yes I will still color the heck out of anything if i get a chance. It’s always good to stay young at heart right?

20130722-104504.jpgGlorious crayons! 150 of them. They will all be organized into colors of course. Don’t worry my OCD friends. I got you covered!

20130722-104549.jpgToo cute πŸ™‚

20130722-104618.jpgAfter a while I got stir crazy. We took a ride down to No Name Key.

20130722-104635.jpgDecided to walk the trails around the Blue Hole in Big Pine. Poisonwood no bueno!

20130722-104707.jpgDo the trees look weird? Burnt trees. A few years back a controlled fire burn got a little out of control.

20130722-104749.jpgRandom swampy.

20130722-104821.jpgMet this guy at Walgreens. Super cute!

20130722-104854.jpgI had to try this Melonhead beer from ShipYard. It’s not as good as pumpkin or apple, but it was totally drinkable. Not too fruity.

20130722-104922.jpgTook a swim to try to get rid of my fever.

20130722-104940.jpgAhh the fancy.pants drink.

20130722-105010.jpgMade these grilled lobster tails on Sunday. They were absolutely delish!! I will never steam or boil a lobster tail ever again.

20130722-105043.jpgMore early birthday presents. This is a map of Delmarva shipwrecks. I asked for this a few months ago. I am from Maryland so this is like a little piece of home!

20130722-105126.jpgMORE birthday presents. I am spoiled. My husband and I have a thing for lego sets. You can see that clearly here  Our lego collection. I might have mentioned that I loveeed the Lego Winter collection. He really took that to heart and got me two of the main sets. So now I am the proud owner of the Winter Village Cottage with 1290 pieces, and the post office with 822 pieces. I am one lucky girl. If I ever have kids–well they will be lucky kids with all of the freaking legos!

So that is my random weekend. I also spent tons of time watching Will and Grace. Apparently I missed the whole Grace marries a Canadian for Will  era. Who knew! Karen Walker is my absolute favorite character though. She is too much πŸ™‚

I still have some flu symptoms so I am taking it easy. I will be concentrating on eating healthy though and getting my strength back.

Did you have a random weekend also? Let me know in the comments! πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “A random weekend.

  1. Hey I’m 31, too. And I love to color still. And I WANT that 90’s coloring book OMG!!! Happy early birthday and I hope that flu goes away before it becomes full blown.

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