How-To Get Ready Faster in the Morning.

 How-To Get Ready Faster in the Morning

I am not one to be a morning person. Ever. I hate waking up and getting out of bed. While I lay around trying to not check the time, I wish that I never had to get ready ever. Why do we have to put make-up on and brush our teeth? Because I would like to be a normal presentable human being sometimes, I guess. So I decided to find out some quick ways and tips to help me get ready in the morning quicker. Follow along!   It sounds pretty simple but I have found that by taking a shower at night instead of the morning takes 15 minutes out of my morning routine. Instead of having wet hair at work, I throw my hair in 3 even braids sleep on it and in the morning I get come pretty wavy hair that I don’t have to do much to! I straighten a few parts and fix my bangs and that’s about it! Truly amazing.

DRY SHAMPOO. If you don’t have it yet go get it! This stuff is really awesome because when I forget to take a shower at night or are just too busy, I can spray my hair with dry shampoo in the morning and it comes out looking like perfect bed head (you know the kind in the movies). The one I use and love is Batiste Dry Shampoo that you can buy at any beauty store or even a Walgreens. For just $7.99, I don’t have to shower every day, is that weird?dry


Get organized! Seriously! Being organized can shake 5-10 minutes off your morning routine just because everything you need, the colors, the pencils, are right at your fingertips. Trust me, all of my makeup goes into a giant drawer, I have one small basket where my eye shadows go but that was it. Because of this tip I went to my local thrift store, bought some vintage jars and trays to organize all my brushes, pencils, eye shadows, you name it! Not kidding, seriously the best idea ever.

Similar to taking a shower at night, many women, even model Lily Aldridge like to get ready the night before. My hair usually just goes into braids but this would be a good idea if I had an event to go to in the morning where I had to look a little more presentable then I do in my office.

Red Lipstick. Red lipstick is the new ultimate glamour statement it can turn a drab wardrobe upside down! I practically wear it every day because my laziness always wins in the morning. However, because of this, it has also now become the go-to for fashion’s It girls like Kate Moss. Kate Moss uses the red lipstick to pull together her messy bed-head waves and her day-after makeup into a “don’t care, still fab” look. Definitely nice to know that my laziness isn’t that uncommon.

Shaving sucks. Waxing sucks. But we do it anyway because we don’t want anyone (and I mean anyone) touching those hairy bits of ours. When shaving at night or quickly in the morning and if you don’t wax already try using a razor with its own built in lubrication. I switched from disposable men’s razors to the Intuition cartridge razors that have this amazing moisturizing stick that surrounds the razor giving you lubrication before and after you shave immediately.shave

If you are really awesome and apply lotion, sun screen, and perfume everyday cut some time and reach for a product that takes care of all of that in one. I use this every morning because A. lotion is necessary in my dry weather, B. Sun screen is also necessary especially during the summer, and C. I’d like to smell nice sometimes. What I use is the Aveno Hydro Sport with SPF 30; it really does smell pretty nice.


This is just a quick tip that I do because I am the most forgetful person in the whole world. I like to put a few necessary items in my car’s glove box or console. The items are usually travel size but they include deodorant, facial power, eyeliner, mascara, and hair ties all in a little baggy. I also have a spare asthma inhaler and some tampons because those are really helpful emergency items. Now when I am rushing out the house I know I can do my make up at stop lights or if I forget deodorant, which I am the most guilty of, I have some in my car. It’s perfect!

Many celebrities and professional women are choosing permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is also referred to as micro-pigmentation and is exactly like getting a tattoo. However, instead of a getting a tattoo at a parlor, you are getting a tattoo done at a medical spa or cosmetic surgery practice. Permanent makeup can save you years of time with no worries about smudging or reapplying as it won’t come off in the shower or while you’re laying out at the beach!


Jen works for a center of medical reconstructive and plastic surgery in New York.  She has two kittens and loves to write about all things beauty, women, health and fitness! She spends her days outside and at the center where she learns as much as she can from the board certified surgeons. This plastic surgery center specializes in not only facial procedures such as otoplasty and rhinoplasty but also in breast augmentations and skin cancer excision and reconstruction in New York.


3 responses to “How-To Get Ready Faster in the Morning.

  1. I recently introduced myself to dry shampoo and it has changed my morning routines! LOVE it!

  2. Dry shampoo is good stuff. I can’t ever seem to find it at the big grocery store down the road even though they have big aisles of shampoo, though.
    I can’t think at 6am, so I pick out clothes/underwear/jewelry the night before and set the coffee maker to start brewing at 5:45am. Works like a charm.

  3. I hate early morning meetings, so I make sure I’m prepared the night before. Even to the point of washing my hair, however I’ve never really thought of using dry shampoo. Perhaps if I can find in the supermarket I will try it out.

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