Energybits Review.


I recently had the opportunity to try Energybits. They are 100% organically grown spirulina algae tablets. 20130910-112026.jpg


You can get a steady stream of energy from these little bad boys without sugar, caffeine or chemicals. They have a high concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes, and omega 3. These tabs will stop hunger, increase energy, improve mental alertness, and help improve your workout. Sounds great right? Time to test it out!

I swallowed about 10 little tabs before a 15 mile bike ride last week and made sure to not have any caffeine that morning. I started off my ride a little tired and mostly grumpy. About 10 minutes into it though I started to see the fog lifting. I got the most incredible rush of energy! I actually ended up shaving about 10 minutes off of my normal biking time. I would compare taking these tablets to a nice strong cup of java, or the feeling you get after you drink a nice green juice filled with veggies. The best thing about the tablets is that there is no sugar, or chemicals so you get a NATURAL rush.

20130910-112042.jpgYummy algae goodness.

I strongly recommend these to athletes or to women who need a little boost throughout the day. You can choose these tablets or swallow them. I will be using some of these on the day of my 1/2 marathon for sure.

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One response to “Energybits Review.

  1. ENERGY BITS!!!!!!!!! I just feel as though they need to be written like that. Sounds like they work really well!

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