Vegetable Spiral tool review.

I have been making a ton of pasta from vegetables lately. Everyone keeps asking me how. Well I figured I would share my latest gadget with you guys.

This is not a paid review or advertisement, this is simply just me sharing what I think about this tool!

I was always so jealous of people with their beautiful ribbons of squash, zucchini, and carrot. How can I make veggie pasta? I started looking around and found this Spiral Vegetable CutterΒ on Amazon. I bought it because it had good reviews, and it was under twenty dollars. As soon as I got it I started to get my spiral on.

It’s pretty simple to use. It has two blades. One julienne size, and one slightly thicker. Think of it like linguini vs spaghettini. Thick or thin.


Stick vegetable of choice inside cut area.


Twist veggie and receive beautiful pasta strands.




Make sure you wash your spiral cutter as soon as you are doing using it.

Now the recipe possibilities are endless. Here is what I usually do.

I simply pick a protein, and some sort of sauce. I get those two things going separately on the stove. Next, I add a bit of coconut oil to a pan and start heating up the veggie strands. You could cook the pasta however you want. Steam them, boil them (lightly and not very long) or Β sautee in a bit of coconut oil, evoo, etc. You can season the strands however you want or eat them plain. I usually just add a bit of garlic powder.

Once strands are cooked down, add protein and sauce on top. It’s a low carb. low calories, low fat alternative. I love this thing!

Pictured here is chicken alfredo. Β I used light alfredo, chicken, and zucchini ribbons. So good πŸ™‚



If you are a person who is into kitchen gadgets,or just want a healthy alternative to pasta, you might wanna check this tool out!

Thanks for reading friends.




7 responses to “Vegetable Spiral tool review.

  1. I think I need one of those!

  2. OH MOMMA I need this! I bought a julienne peeler but this looks wayyy easier!

  3. Woah that is great, think i’m not going to waste any more time thinking about it and just invest in this bad boy!

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