Another free week of meals from Diet To Go!

Hey guys! Diet to go is giving one of my lucky readers another entire week worth of meals! Here is some information about the meals from my last giveaway.

Diet to go meals/giveaway


To enter is simple. Leave a comment on this blog telling me why you should be chosen to receive a week worth of meals! Simple right?! Good luck. Winner chosen next Monday.




31 responses to “Another free week of meals from Diet To Go!

  1. Wow this is an awesome company. I’m sure many others will have better reasons to win then me, but as a super busy grad student sometimes during the week my diet consists of strictly coffee and subway lol. I do try to food prep on Sundays, but sometimes I just don’t even get to the grocery store (fail, I needa try harder lol) I honestly think I’d pick the Vegetarian plan.

  2. I’d love to try the company — I’m willing to try anything once, and this company sounds great! Especially with Zach traveling a lot coming here soon — it’d be great to have healthy prepared food!

  3. I would love to try this!!! Would make eating healthy really simple!

  4. I would love to try this. I have never tried a service like this before and I think it would be something healthy & easy to try. As A busy mom of two active little boys I need all the help I can get!

  5. I just went to their website and unlike other companies like them, they serve food I’d actually eat! If given the opportunity try this, I’d go for the Low Fat Traditional. Trying their food will be a help in weight loss ambitions.

  6. This is the type of service I have always wanted to try. For me staying focused and healthy begins to dwindle when all the food choices are constantly falling on me. I feel uninspired and then I usually stop caring. I probably would have tried something like this eventually, but money is another factor for me. I always worry about the “what if”. Having an awesome plan I could “try out”, that takes the guess work out of things would really help me break out of the norm! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I would love to give the company a try. I am a mother of 4 young children, the youngest being 4mth old twins. i rarely have a chance to make something healthy to eat.

  8. I hope I don’t sound corny but I would like to win because I need something NICE to happen in my life right now.. I’m going through a hard, hard time.. but I feel my luck is about to change 🙂

  9. I would love to win this because I work full time and have a very busy life in general. It would be wonderful to not have to cook for a week and to have it be healthy food is a great bonus!

  10. I would love to win this! I work full time at night and take care of my girls during the day and am super busy! This would be perfect!!!

  11. It would be great to win this. My brain is scattered in many directions trying to keep up with 3 kids and about 20 pets so yeah umm…very helpful this would be. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Christine Redhage

    I would love I try Diet to Go as I love trying new things and healthy foods, but with a picky husband, lack of funding to cook two different meal and lack of time to prep two different meals, it’s very hard. Diet to Go would give me an easy in for my husband to at least try new meals and if he likes it then we have more foods to eat!

  13. rachel hofmeister

    I would love to give something like this a try. I am a mother of two with a very busy life. I have 140 lbs to loose and am so determined. The only thing that gets in my way is the many health problems I’ve been having. I refuse to let that be an excuse though. It would be so nice to try something like this. When I am not chasig my two kids I am taking care of my father in law with Alzheimer’s, mynce with a brain injury, teaching music and trying to pick up some school courses. My goal is to show my kids what healthy and happy looks like so they have a good example to follow. Not having to spend all day in the kitchen would really be a helpful boost!!!!! I really hope I win of course but even more I hope the person who deserves it the most wins!!!!

  14. I should be chosen to win this meal beacuse I deserve it I had worked my butt off to loose all this weight and this will mean a lot to me it would also help me alot .. I so wish I could win .. thank you very much for this wonderful apportunity .. Have a wonderful weekend… 🙂

  15. Samantha Benitez

    I think I should win because I’m just tired… I’m tired of trying to come up with ideas for healthy veggie meals… I’ve been through a tragedy with my company closing and overall I just need a damn break! 🙂

  16. I am a full time working mom. I sacrifice my good eating to have time to get my kids off to school everyday. I usually never have breakfast and if I do it isn’t usually healthy just quick and easy. It would be nice to have a week where I could eat right and feel better.

  17. I am a busy mom who works multiple jobs as does my husband. For my snugg and husband, I prepare all their meals. My 19month old loves quinoa, onions, kale and salmon you name it he loves it. he also has no idea what captain crunch or pop tarts are. he thinks his morning kefir is a “mejake” (translation milkshake ,clever huh?). with the cost of “clean food” so expensive our food is really our luxury. we use food as medicine in our house. I am hell bent on giving my kiddo the knowledge of purposeful nutrition. So down the road he can make responsible decisions. This is not saying he never gets pizza or the occasional spoonful of pudding. It’s a balance. It would be fun to win because finally someone would be cooking for me 🙂

  18. I’m a hard working Mom of 4, who’s always on the go! While I do meal plan for my family, I forget to do so for myself (and end up just skipping meals!) This type of plan would be ideal for me, with limited time! When I do have a day off, or hours to prepare meals, they are always healthy, and nutritionally balanced. I’m 60 lbs down on my weight loss journey, and I would love the opportunity to include this company, for the additional 40 lbs I want to lose!

  19. This is so exciting to me! I am a busy Momma of 2 busy kids, and I as alot of Mom’s put myself last. I usually eat whatever they eat because it is just easier to deal with a fast simple meal. I have lost and gained weight over and over I am at my heaviest weight ever and I have got to get on track for my own health. I work, go to school, and take care of a household winning this prize could seriously help on theroad to healthy!

  20. I am a busy student always on the go. I would love to be given a free week of healthy food to keep me on track throughout the week. I so want to win! It would eliminate the need to eat on the run because i could just pack and go!

  21. Would LOVE this!! Military wife and momma to a beautiful busy 2 year old that is always on the go! I am currently on a mission to change my life and would love to have these healthy meals! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I do believe portion control is one of the keys to success. I’d like to try a food company and use that in conjunction with other good daily habits.

  23. Because my co-worker is on maternity leave and I’ve been doing the job of 2 for the past month… Little time to prepare healthy meals… I’d love to try the low-fat or low-carb option!

  24. Ashley Holcombe

    Meal planning and portion control have always been my struggle. Having a whole week planned out with wholesome, nutritious meals would be awesome!! Grace, you’re such an inspiration!!

  25. Shirley Yutterman

    I would love to try this company sounds fantastic!

  26. I could totally use this! I am a full-time social worker with 4 kids under the age of 7. We are always busy and I’ve been struggling with my weight for a long time. I would sooooooooooo appreciate it! 🙂

  27. I would LOVE to get a weeks worth of meals ! I don’t really know how to cook so its really hard for me to eat healthy.Im a full time student so its hard to find time to learn to cook.This would be a great way to get me back on track!

  28. I would appreciate the opportunity to try Diet to go because I struggle with portion control and I would certainly be a customer if the food was good.

  29. winning this would help me a lot thru my weightloss journey thank you so much for the opportunity

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