Sausage Quiche with Coconut Flour Crust



I must be on a quiche kick lately since that was also my last recipe but I couldn’t wait to post this because it turned out so good! I was surprised at how well this turned out, my expectations were not very high when I began.

The crust was delicious, flaky and soft! The top parts that got a little brown turned out to be kind of hard and a little chewy but the rest of it was amazing!

I don’t really have a recipe because I didn’t measure anything but there are only 3 ingredients: Coconut flour, 1 egg white and some canola oil (or oil of your choice).

Here are my estimates:

3-4 T coconut flour

1 egg white

“Splash” of oil

You want the consistency to be like dough and hold together, so add more flour if you need to or a little water if it’s too…

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