My new low carb life.

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Okay blog. My bad. I have totally neglected you. I think I forgot to tell all of my beautiful readers that I have officially made the switch over to the dark side. The low carb lifestyle. For me it’s NOT a diet. It will be a lifestyle. I know that if I go back to breads, sugars, pasta, crap that I will gain back all of the weight. I know all of the risks. I know that my body holds on to carbs like it’s a ten carat diamond. Seriously I can look at pasta and gain 10 pounds.

Why did I decide to go low carb? Simple. Lots of people get results. I decided that with my half marathon coming up that I really needed to shed a few extra pounds to be race ready. I worked my ass off and didn’t lose any weight. I mean a straight perfect month and I GAINED 2 pounds. Muscle? Whatever it still stung. I started low carbing 8 days ago and I swear I have never felt so satisfied in my life. I am eating foods I could have NEVER ate on my regular plan.  I am still getting tons of veggies in, and I don’t have to worry about protein, fat, calories, etc. All I have to do is figure out my carbs. It’s so simple.

I am a savory person so this low carbing thing has been SUPER easy for me. I have stuck to under 20 grams of carbs for the past week. I have one more week of 20 carbs or less in the induction phase. After that I will bump it up to 25 etc etc.

I didn’t even weigh myself at the beginning of this process ( I know so stupid). In 4 days though  I have lost 6.6 pounds. My body is producing ketones and I am feeling good. When I first started I will be honest I did have some upset stomach issues and headaches. All is well now and I will continue on my low carb path.

This isn’t for everyone! It’s really working for me though and I love it. My husband is doing it with me as well.

Sorry I didn’t let you guys in on my new lifestyle. I promise there will be tons of new low carb recipes, and for you non low carbers a ton of other stuff. I want us all to be able to support each other no matter what kind of food we are eating!

Have a wonderful day and holiday weekend! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “My new low carb life.

  1. It’s so funny how everyone responds to food differently. For me I’ve actually had to do the opposite and I’ve lost 17 pounds! Due to my pancreas and triglycerides I’ve had to switch to low fat. I’ve always watched carbs,sugars& calories in the past. It’s awesome when you finally find what works for your body!

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