Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza Crust. Delish!

...champagne in my boots

photo 2-95If you are an avid With Champagne in my Boots reader, you have probably picked up on how much I love pizza. I take it very seriously and would be perfectly willing to resign myself to a diet consisting entirely of pizza if I was not as vain and health-conscious as I am. While my affection for the Italian dish is quite deep, I happen to enjoy my current figure and would like to maintain it, if for no other reason than that a new wardrobe is not in the budget right now.

However, cauliflower crust significantly lightens the traditional dish, while also providing a hidden serving of vegetables. As a disclaimer, I should note that nothing can really replace the real thing so it is better to accept up front that, while cauliflower crust is absolutely delicious, it is unlikely that you will find yourself exclaiming that this is…

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