Pizza Crust Ideas

My Atkins Keto Journey

O.k.  I said I love this recipe.  I think my tastes are changing because this time, it was too salty (I topped it with a very light Alfredo sauce, a bit of salami, and some Parmesan … might have been the Parmesan cheese).  Anyway, this was actually stiff enough to eat it “by the slice” so, I was thinking.  You could make this, cut it into strips and use it as a pasta replacement in lasagna!  I’m not sure how well it would hold up once fully cooked but we never used a lot of sauce anyway.  It can’t hurt to try!  What can hurt is cooking this on a piece of normal aluminum foil!  It stuck like it knew it was about to be devoured!  Last time, I used insulated cookie sheets, which worked perfect, but this time I wanted it to actually resemble pizza, so I cooked it…

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