Nutrisystem day 1.

So today was the very first day of starting my Nutrisystem meals.20140201-183114.jpgI chose the banana nut muffin, 3 cheese chicken, and italian herb flatbread pizza. We also got two shakes for snacks. Since this is the fast 5 part of the program, I don’t get to add in extra protein and carbs this week. Only vegetables.

20140201-183128.jpgHere is the banana nut muffin. Great banana and nut flavor. I loved it. Sweet. Tiny. Would go perfect with a cup of coffee. Rating 8.5/10.

20140201-183147.jpgPM SHAKE. Tasted wonderful. Loved it. Thank god.

20140201-183230.jpgAM Shake. Good! Not as good as the cravings crusher but very easy to drink. I used my vitamix to mix it together.

20140201-183253.jpgSHAKE TIME!

20140201-183319.jpgHere is lunch. 3 cheese chicken pasta with 1 cup of steamed broccoli. It was very cheesy, the pasta tasted soft and great, and the broccoli made the dish so filling. Rating- 9/10.

20140201-191754.jpgDinner was the italian herb flat bread. I choose sauteed mushrooms cooked in a bit of pam and mrs. dash garlic mix spice. The pizza comes with sauce and cheese so I used that + oregano flakes+ mushrooms. Baked for 5 minutes. Served the extra shrooms on the side. It was TINY but DELISH! Rating 9/10.

Water Intake- 11 glasses. So 88 oz.

Fitness- 10 minutes cleaning, 30 minutes walking.

I have been pretty satisfied all day long. Not hungry at all. I plan to hide in my bedroom all night if I start getting the munchies!

I did take progress pictures today and will share them with you soon.

I look forward to sharing my meals with you tomorrow. I already have them all planned out 🙂

  • Breakfast- Cinnamon Bun Bar w. 1 cup coffee.
  • AM shake- Energizer Shake
  • Lunch- Loaded Mashed potatoes w. steamed broccoli.
  • PM shake- Cravings Crusher Shake
  • Dinner- Rotini with meatballs w. eggplant
  • Water- 64 oz or more
  • Fitness- 30 minutes of walking.

Hope you all are wonderful. Thanks for reading!!


8 responses to “Nutrisystem day 1.

  1. You make everything look DELICIOUS!!! Sounds like you had a great first day. Keep it up…. WE GOT THIS!!!

  2. I love the daily report. So far, so good! You can do this…and maybe I can too.

  3. Alexandra Clark

    That pasta looks so good!! Jealous.

  4. so do you like the food?

    • Yes. I liked it in the past when I was on it 4 years ago,and throughout the years it’s gotten even better. I am sure there will be things I hate, but that is okay cuz you customize your order 😀

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