Nutrisystem day 3 of fast five.

20140203-124406.jpgDouble Chocolate muffin- very chocolatey! 6.5/10 rating.


20140203-124502.jpgView from my bike ride.


20140203-153105.jpgVeggie add ins! Mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic.

20140203-153117.jpgThis was the first dish I didn’t like! Ugh! 4/10.


20140203-172800.jpgCravings Crusher!

20140203-193014.jpgChicken alfredo with broccoli. This is a NOTORIOUSLY disliked meal on nutrisystem for lots of people. It’s a little dull, but not totally gross. 6/10.

So tally for the day-

Water- over 1 gallon

Fitness- 30 mins biking + 30 mins moving and packing.

Food- 100% tracked.

On to day 4. Rocking this. Hope you all are staying on track!!


3 responses to “Nutrisystem day 3 of fast five.

  1. I’m on the fourth week of Nutrisystem D; couldn’t do the Fast Five because the shakes spike blood sugar. I had to post because I love the cheese tortellini. My least favorite meal is the meat loaf with mashed potatoes.

    Good luck!

  2. I will be on Day 3 tomorrow on Fast Five!

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