Nutrisystem Day 4 Fast 5 plan.

Day 4 of the nutrisystem fast 5 challenge.20140204-102657.jpgCinnamon Streusal muffin. This tasted like those cinnamon pecan rolls. 6.5/10. Kinda sweet but not overly sweet.


20140204-154938.jpgLoaded baked potatoes for lunch.

20140204-154945.jpgThese were okay. 5/10. They would be better with a bit of extra cheese.

20140204-200535.jpgCravings crusher shake.


20140204-200557.jpgDinner was lasagna with meat sauce + asparagus.7/10. Very tasty!


I took a sneak peak at the scale today. I am down 16 pounds! I know a lot of that is water weight but I am feeling great. My husband is down 5.4 pounds also!

Bring on day 5!!


2 responses to “Nutrisystem Day 4 Fast 5 plan.

  1. You go girl! A say at a time! I am cheering you on Gracie. Hugs, Aunt Di

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