Nutrisystem Day 5.

20140205-151539.jpgBlueberry muffin. Loved this. Not overly sweet. 8/10



20140205-151729.jpgLunch- Fudge graham bar. 6/10. This only gets a 6 because It was super sweet!


20140205-151928.jpgI got my new blender bottle today. It made making my shakes SO easy. You can find more info on the bottle here

 Bottle Blender Shaker Cup Link and Info- 

20140205-151936.jpgI also received my PB 2! I am so excited to use this with the regular program. This is powdered peanut that you add water too. It has less fat and calories than regular peanut butter.

PB 2 link here 


20140205-201726.jpgDinner was the pot pie. I liked this! 8/10. The crust was super flaky. Served with 2 cups of cooked green beans and sugar snap peas.


One response to “Nutrisystem Day 5.

  1. Hi Lovely! Is the Nutrisystem like a home delivery meal system?

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