Nutrisystem Diet Day 6.

20140206-202704.jpgHarvest Nut Bar. LOVED this 9/10. Tastes just like a trail mix bar. Delish.

20140206-202721.jpgThis is the new reformed noodles. They were saucy and peanuty. I added a ton of veggies to it. 7/10/


20140206-202804.jpgMy husband (plate in the back) had the first version of the noodles. They seemed to be a lot drier than my version (front plate). In case you didn’t know NS reformulated the noodles.


20140206-202832.jpgAsparagus with chili for dinner. Chili was fantastic. 10/10. Lots of meat and beans!



2 responses to “Nutrisystem Diet Day 6.

  1. Hey Grace, Wow all those meals look very Yummy ๐Ÿ™‚ I reckon I could get into something like the Nutrisystem? Where could I find more information regarding the Nutrisystem?

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