Nutrisystem day 7. End of fast 5.

Finally done the fast 5 program! We weigh in tomorrow morning and officially start on the plan!

I decided I will not be blogging on the weekends, but I will still take pictures of my meals and share them with you on Monday!

Wish me luck at my weigh-in!20140207-192039.jpgBreakfast was the chewy chocolate chip granola bar. Sweet but not overly sweet, tons of chocolate chips. 9/10.

20140207-192115.jpgView from the Florida Keys today.

20140207-192147.jpgLunch I had the white bean chicken chili. Can I just say WOW?! So good. It is a bit spicy. The beans and chicken are wonderful. I served it with 1 cup of cooked broccoli. This was by far my favorite lunch ever. 10/10. I will be reordering a lot of these.

20140207-203256.jpgThick crust pizza for dinner.

20140207-203344.jpgI served it with spinach, jalapeno, tomato, and mushrooms, oregano, and garlic powder for a veggie pizza. Served on the side with capri style veggies. 10/10. I love the pizza. So small, but one of the best meals for sure.

I am wishing all of my friends a wonderful weekend. We have some business to take care of tomorrow ( selling our sailboat) but Sunday I plan on hanging out on the boat and swimming/tanning/lounging.

Til next time friends.




One response to “Nutrisystem day 7. End of fast 5.

  1. Grace, I follow you on Instagram (love the pictures and want to come live there!). My 18 year old son and I are planning a trip to the keys over Spring Break, any suggestions for hotels, activities, restaurants, etc? We love nature and hate lots of crowds. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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