Nutrisystem weekend eats.

Eats for the weekend Day 8 and 9-

I am on the 1800 calorie My Way Plan so that is why I have extra powerfuels and smartcarbs. 20140209-164310.jpgHoney Wheat Bagel. LOVED this. 9/10. I will be reordering a lot of these for sure.

20140209-164322.jpgI found this great greek yogurt cream cheese. I used 1 tbsp for a free food at 35 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.

20140209-164332.jpgAdded the 2 oz of ham to the bagel.

20140209-164345.jpg1 cup of pineapple juice. 1 SC for breakfast and 1 SC for AM snack.

20140209-164359.jpgPowerfuel for am snack.

20140209-164412.jpgRed beans and rice. This was fantastic. I added 1/4 cup of parmesan shreds for a powerfuel, and had 2 cups of wilted spinach for my veggie.


20140209-164434.jpgPM snack- Smart carb hummus and crackers. Powerfuel= light string cheese.

20140209-164450.jpgDinner was the mac and cheese beef. I added 2 oz grilled chicken on the side for my powerfuel, 1/2 cup whole wheat bow tie pasta for the smartcarb, a tbsp of sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan for a free food. The mac and cheese gets an 8/10 for me!

20140209-164500.jpgDessert was the carrot cake. Yum! 7.5/10

20140209-164509.jpgBreakfast was the donut. Really good. Sweet. Kind of tasted like apples. 8/10. I had 2 oz of ham on a whole wheat roll for my smart carb and powerfuel.


20140209-164527.jpg1/2 cup pineapple juice for a smart carb.

20140209-164535.jpgLunch was 2 cups of wilted spinach, parmesan cheese for a powerfuel, and the cheddar broccoli rice for my lunch entree. 10/10 Order this lunch!


20140209-164556.jpgSnack- hard boiled egg and wheat thins.

20140209-200137.jpgDinner- flame broiled burger patty 9/10 on a whole wheat roll. A veggie burger on another whole wheat roll for smart carb and powerfuel. One cup of salad with bolthouse dressing for a veggie and 1 free food.

20140209-200151.jpgDessert was the golden pound cake. It was gone in a bout 5 seconds. Perfect. 10/10.




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