Nutrisystem day 10.

My eats were all over the place today as I have a sore tooth. I think I ate everything I was supposed to minus one smartcarb.20140210-132519.jpgBreakfast- Banana nut muffin and string cheese.

20140210-132547.jpgPowerfuel- 2 oz of candian bacon.

20140210-155718.jpgLunch- Peanut butter chocolate bar. 7/10.

20140210-170005.jpgPowerfuel- hard boiled egg.

20140210-174525.jpgPowerfuel and smart carb- 2 oz of ham and 1 small whole wheat roll.


20140210-193228.jpgDinner turkey and stuffing. The turkey was edible but the stuffing was not. 4/10. I served this with 2 cups of spinach and parmesan cheese.

20140210-193245.jpgOn the side 2 servings of v8 and 1 cup of pineapple juice for 2 smart carbs.

20140210-193354.jpgDessert was this cheesecake bar. AMAZING. 10/10. So good. A must reorder.


3 responses to “Nutrisystem day 10.

  1. Your eats looked pretty good actually, even with the one missing smartcarb.

  2. Hi I just wanted to ask for lunch you had the peanut butter bar..the egg..and the ham on the roll?or was the ham and roll between lunch and dinner:

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